Friday, August 21, 2009

Regional Recipes China Round-up!

Can you believe the summer is almost over? Seems like I closed my eyes in June and then poof! it’s suddenly the tail end of August. Maybe it’s because this summer has been jammed packed with stuff. Between vacations, visitors and school, time has just flown. But the one thing I haven’t been able to fit in is the blogging. I was hoping to participate in more events, but every time I got around to it, deadlines were passed or some other excuse came up. I’m hoping that with the new school year there will be a little more routine so I can get a better handle on dividing my time and fit some more blogging in. For now, here’s the round-up for Regional Recipes: China. Enjoy!

Broccoli beef submitted by gaga in the kitchen. Broccoli is one of the vegetables my son will actually eat without complaining so this dish appears on our table fairly regularly. And as gaga says, it’s easy. Tasty and easy? Can't beat that!

Lobster congee submitted by [eatingclub]vancouver. I love love love congee and using lobster sounds so decadent. Doesn’t it look delicious? The only thing missing is a dollop of chili oil on the top :-)

Pork jowl with brown sugar rub submitted by [eatingclub]vancouver. Pork jowl is a wonderfully flavorful yet inexpensive cut of meat. I don't know why it's not more widely available. I can only imagine how delicious it was after two days in their brown sugar rub.

Crispy noodle cake with saucy stir-fry submitted by me. The contrasting texture of the crispy noodles and saucy stir-fry go very well together. And it tasted good too! :-)

Thanks so much to the participants. After the long break, I was afraid I might be the lone participant, but these ladies came through beautifully.

For the next region, let’s do SPAIN! I've been perusing through José Andrés’ book Made in Spain. The pictures are so inspiringly beautiful and I am determined to learn how to make a proper paella.

You can find out more about Regional Recipes here. Send your submissions to me by September 15th at blazinghotwok(at)gmail(dot)com. I hope you'll participate!


pam said...

Darn I had this on my list, and missed it!

I've got to try Spain!

Mary Bergfeld said...

You all did a great job. I missed the deadline. Sorry. I'll do better next time.

dp said...

No sweat, ladies! We took an extended break and participation always dips afterwards. But do submit something for Spain. I think it's such a fun cuisine, but it's under-recognized here in the US.

Unknown said...

We agree--the participants of this Regional Recipes Roundup came through in spades. Everything sounds phenomenal. Thanks for sharing!

Dee said...

Zupan, yes, these ladies are quite reliable :-) I know they are always good for something delicious.

TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

SPAIN! Have to put the thinking caps back on... or, if pressed for time, have to find the quickest recipe to make! =)

I didn't manage to get to my other posts that were Chinese! I think I have 2 more... that I can think of.

Dee said...

ts, if you like, send them to me and I will still add them. As you can see, I'm pretty lax :-) Just be sure they mention RR and you're good to go.