Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Snow in Portland!

I think I should change the focus of this blog to food and weather. What do you think?

We thought we got a lot of snow earlier this week? Ha! Last night we got a few inches of beautiful powder. Turns out it was actually a little ice on top of powder. Terrible to drive in but great for sledding.

[Side note: this was what winter looked like the in Reno, where I started college. Coming from the desert, I was not at all prepared for snow. The windshield fluid (water) in my car froze and my keyholes froze more than once. I was actually 1 hour late to a physics final because I couldn't get my car door open! But by the time I left Reno, I could put chains on with my eyes shut.]

This is what I saw when I woke up this morning. Gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Child labor

Worker on strike. Note to self: still need to get Hubby a real snow shovel.

Child worker turned bossy supervisor. "Faster, Daddy!"

Look how cute this kid is!

Hubby took this picture yesterday. There was double as much snow today.

For our dinner, I made a pot of tom yum soup with mushrooms. With a bowl of steamed jasmine rice, it made a filling, warming meal. And it took all of 30 minutes!


Mary Bergfeld said...

You make beautiful soup and even more beautiful children. Hugs and Merry Christmas.

Manggy said...

Omigosh, how do you prevent those car problems?! I'm in for a rude surprise this January!! (Well, not so much a surprise anymore :P )

Dee said...

Mary, you're too sweet! Hubby and I always wonder how we made such cute child. Haha. Merry Christmas!

Manggy, they have this stuff you can spray in the keyholes and once the water thawed, I put proper windshield fluid in. But in snowy, icy weather it's best to take public transport. They get way more snow back east. You're in for it! haha!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Aww, sonny is just too cute! A snow angel indeed! And I love that after playing, he came in to a big bowl of tom yum soup.

You'll smile at my verification word today. "Civilyg." Civily, gee? :)

Dee said...

WC, Sometimes those word verifications are funny. But normally they're just annoying because I always get them wrong. LOL

Anonymous said...

The soup looks great. Just the perfect thing for these snowy nights. We've got the snow and ridiculous temperatures up here in Vancouver and I have to say that I love it! It makes me want to stay at home all day wrapped in a blanket and watching movies. Have a great holiday and new year Darlene!

QGIRL said...

Sonny is getting so darn big. He's a super cutie! I think I like the posts about him as much as your food posts.
It has been brutally cold and icey here in Chicago. -30 with the wind chill this morning!

QGIRL said...

incase you couldn't tell.
I wrote -30F (NEGATIVE Thirty)!

pam said...

I want snow! And some soup!

Dee said...

Syrie, I would do the same thing, blanket and movies, except I have a rugrat that keeps wanting me to go outside! Kids are impervious to wet and cold.

qgirl, that's cold! I know you guys always have it worse than we do. I wonder if I could hack that kind of cold.

Thip said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and family, Darlene.

Heather said...

I'm so glad the roads are finally passable! Makes the snow pretty again. Tom Yum is a gorgeous way to enjoy the snow.

Dee said...

Heather, we were driving north yesterday afternoon and started to snow, but apparently it didn't stick. The highways were clear, but our on street still looked a winter wonderland! Happy holidays!

Thip, happy holidays to you and yours!

Lars said...

looks great! you'll have to teach me to cook proper thai, darlene. my cookings this holiday amounted to the usual duck, and a big batch of luksus leverpostej :-), but right now i'm getting started on the new years menu... hope you'll have a happy new year!

Dee said...

Lars, we also had leverpostej and duck before we left for LV. Hubby kept dropping hints that he wanted it. For you guys duck is a usual thing, but Americans don't eat it as much so it was a nice change.

I'm sure your New year's menu is going to be fabulous. We are going to have fish but it's just going to be the three of us.

This year we had a Thai-style holiday. Maybe we should do Danish-style next year??