Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enough Already!

Is there anyone else all wrapped up in this election hoopla? I can’t help myself. I haven't been so excited to vote since…ever! I got my ballot in the mail 2 Saturdays ago and delivered it promptly to the post office the following Monday. Boy, did it feel good!

But I need this to be over so I can get on with my real life. What I find particularly curious is that there are still undecided voters out there. Really? Really? Five days before the election and you don’t know where you stand? We only have two parties! Are you going to wait until the last minute, just in case something comes up and sways you one way or the other? Maybe in the next five days the Repubs can tie Obama to Osama Bin Laden. There must be some dinner party Obama is not telling us about. Or maybe Sarah Palin will actually express a coherent thought. Please, I’m begging, just go back to Alaska and we’ll pretend like we never heard of you. Or maybe McCain will stop talking about Joe the Plumber long enough to explain why his idea about the government buying up and renegotiating default mortgages is not socialist. I wonder if McCain thinks it worse to be called a socialist or the "C" word? And if I get one of those robocalls, can I report the RNC because my name is on a do-not-call registry?? Maybe they’ll get a big ol’ fine and Palin will have to return the other half of the spiffy duds she doesn’t donate to pay it. If they're still short, the Repubs can always borrow money from Warren Buffet at 10% interest. Can you see why I’m all wrapped up in it? The McCain campaign is a train wreck but I just can’t look away.

Am I being snarky? You betcha! Can’t help it. That’s how I respond when people insult my intelligence. The McCain campaign is desperate and it shows with their latest antics.

If you’re still undecided, I doubt you’ll know by Tuesday. So just listen to me and vote for Obama. If you are decided, get out there and vote! Do it early, if you can. Let’s wrap this up so we can all get on with our lives.



Manggy said...

Darlene, your heart! Hee hee. Have a cocktail on me :) Apparently Joe the Plumber is doing some campaigning for McCain, so everything must be going swimmingly for him to risk looking like an idiot like that!

... or maybe issues don't really matter and in the end it's all about artifice :(

Mary Bergfeld said...

Hi Darlene,

My heart and intellect favor the professor over the warrior. You are not be snarky, but hang in there, it's just 5 more days. If you have time make some calls for our guy. I don't think the 'undecided' are undecided. They either like privacy or attention - I'm not sure which.
Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!

Dee said...

manggy, last I heard Joe was considering running for office sometime soon. Who knows? Maybe he's smart enough to be VP? The only qualification seems to be the ability to breathe.

Mary, I don't think there are many undecideds either, but just the idea of anyone not being sure this late in the game??? Gaaaah! They don't have as big a need for volunteers here in Portland, the city is so overwhelmingly Obama! I've only seen like 2 McCain bumper stickers in all these months.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the "undecided voter" too. How can you not have an opinion one way or the other? Anyways, I also can't wait for the end of this. Things are looking good for Obama, but I'm still paranoid about things and won't be able to exhale until everything's official. I'm also glad I live in California where I don't have to hear those ridiculous robocalls.

QGIRL said...

Love your passion. we voted last Saturday - stood in line for 2 hours w/ 2 kids. fun. Actually, it wasn't bad and I was very happy to do it.
We are surrounded by McCain supporters. ugh. I go to work to get away from them (Chicago is very pro Obama).
We are considering Canada if McCain wins. seriously.
btw, we will be posting about Obama's rally in Highland, IN tonight. He will talking at a park that is literally 5 min walking distance from my house. very cool.

Dee said...

Marvin, I think Mary was right about "undecideds" wanting either attention or privacy. Or they're wise-asses like me. I'm actually registered independent, but when I got a call from the repubs about McCain and our repub senate candidate, I told them I was going to vote for Nader just to mess with them :-).

qgirl, I'm so glad OR votes by mail. Or rather, they send us our ballots and we can return by mail or drop off at a local polling station on election night. I imagine it's more cost effective and being able to count the votes as they come in might relieve some of the burden on election folks. Maybe every state should do it like this?

I bet it would be awesome to attend on of those rallies. They seem very inspirational and energizing!

Paula said...

You go girl! I'm so ready for this to be DONE ... not just the Presidental race, but the local stuff too. Of course, I have to admit that I've enjoyed the Saturday Night Live clips ... them being so mavericky and all ...:-)

Lars said...

fingers crossed! and looking forward to seeing your presidential celebration meal :-)

Dee said...

Lars, I think crossing your fingers helped! It was a landslide! YAY! I doubt I can make anything presidential enough. This calls for a fancy night out :-)