Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Quick Dip into the Political Arena

This is a food blog and I usually stick to food-related posts, but with all the election hoopla and commentary on the debates, I just can’t leave it be. I’m not particularly political. From the very beginning, I knew who my guy was. Yes, the issues are always important, but the fact is, I’ve just always liked the guy. I like the way he carries himself. He seems genuinely genuine. I could never articulate this gut feeling about Obama, but after reading Citymama’s post on the Momocrats site, I was thinking yes yes yes! She hit the nail on the head. Definitely check it out, if you want a unique perspective.


QGIRL said...

Seriously, we ALL need to dip into the political area right now! I love the MOMocrat's site and read it daily. I loved the Roger Ebert piece in there too.
Go Obama!

Manggy said...

That was an interesting read, thanks for the link :) I am just afraid that the same ohana spirit and graciousness that some people may see in how he prefaces his remarks may manifest as weakness to others. Though that is probably the most diplomatic way to go about a debate, I'm afraid some people don't want to delve as deep as the message. For instance, using the phrase "just doesn't understand" sets off a negative reaction, even if what he says afterward is complete hogwash.

In other words, I'm still waiting for the mainstream media to analyze the debate on the points (er... maybe I missed it, haha) instead of the perception.

Dee said...

manggy, funny thing, really. I can't understand why someone would be considered weak just because they don't shout, holler, berate, belittle, or demean other people? It takes a stronger character to not get frazzled, pissed off, angry, or what have you.

qgirl, amen!

MaryRuth said...

hunsmDarlene..thanks for providing this link. You are right, she really hit the nail on the head. I never really realized what the impact of being raised in Hawaii has on Obama. I only lived there five years, and it is true, there is a totally different spirit there.
It is a shame, like you say, that someone who acts with civility and respect is somehow considered weak.