Saturday, July 5, 2008

Some Random Thoughts...

I hope everyone had a safe 4th! We hosted a potluck BBQ with lots of food, drink and screaming kids. Sweet chaos. I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful food and company. For those of you who want the recipe for the Thai BBQ chicken, here it is. Enjoy!

Our holiday was generally safe, except for the bit where our neighbor almost killed us with her fireworks. It was one of those do-dads that had five bundled into one. The first one went straight up like it was supposed to, but with such force it flipped the bundle over. The next shot fired at the neighbor’s house across the street. No one was in the line of fire and those neighbors weren’t home. It was funny until we realized that the bundle had flipped again and was pointing directly at us. All I remember was parents grabbing kids and ducking for cover. It lasted all of 9 seconds but seemed like a minute. Funny now, but definitely NOT funny at the time.

Also, I wanted to point everyone to the Weekend Wokking round-up featuring potato recipes from all over the world. I’ll be hosting the next round-up and the theme ingredient this time is the tomato! Send your entries to me by midnight on the last day of the month. And if you want to host a future round-up email Wandering Chopsticks at wanderingchopsticks(at)gmail(dot)com.

Now for some random pictures since I didn't take any at our BBQ:

Sonny lost 2 teeth on the same day this last week. Doesn't it look like someone punched him in the mouth? He was eating cherries. If you have kids, you may think this is a cute, funny picture. If you don't, you're probably grossed out. Shortly after this picture was taken he lost the second tooth.

Notice how the teeth coming in are larger than the spaces they need to occupy? I think I see braces in his future.

My lilies started blooming this week too. Aren't they pretty?


Manggy said...

Yikes, I'm glad no one was hurt. Yeah, we have an unwritten no-fireworks policy here after my brother had a close call with his foot when we were much younger. New year's eve is a complete hospital meltdown (I'm glad I was lucky and wasn't rotating in surgery/orthopedics both years), but the numbers of casualties are decreasing slowly.

Oboy! I did wear braces, when I was in college already. Thankfully the orthodontist saw no need to pull out any teeth. I would have felt so incomplete! It's now slightly uneven, but I can live with that :)

Dee said...

manggy, I'm generally scared of fire, including fireworks so we tend to do the safe and sane type. Last year we were at the local school and some dumb ass teenage boys were shooting Roman candles at each other. Idiots.

Hubby and I didn't have braces and I was hoping Sonny wouldn't need them. We'll see. Still too early to tell. A few crooked teeth never hurt anyone, and they'll give him some personality.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

For a minute there I was wondering how much blood he lost from one tooth. Hehe. I could see a little boy getting a kick out of scaring folks.

Ooh, pretty lilies.

Palachinka posted the first tomato recipe already. I haven't even gotten around to cooking my recipe yet. Man, I gotta move faster.

Dee said...

WC, yes, she is fast! Makes me feel like a slacker. I waited until the last day for the potato dish, but I'm planning on trying a thing or two this week. We'll see.

QGIRL said...

I'm slow to comment this week. Love the photo of your son with the cherry juice all over his face. He must love him some cherries! Too cute.
Actually, my first reaction was that line "you should have seen the other guy", you know like he got in a fight or something! lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, he is sooooo cute! His smile helps ease my pain just thinking about what he went through!

and your lilies are really pretty!